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Resplandor; la calma despues de la tormenta

The reflection of dawn
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resplandor; layouts & more
Resplandor = Sunshine
In this journal, I will keep you updated with my latest stylesheets, profile codes, icons, goodies and the like. the journal is public so no one is obligated to friend me in order to see the entries. However, if you wanna friend me to receive the entries right in your friend's list, you're more than welcome.
~Everyone is welcome in this journal to comment, give both positive and negative criticism if they feel like it, ask questions, etc. I just remind you I'm not a CSS / HTML resource.
~Do not contact me on my personal journal to ask me anything related to CSS/HTML, that's why I created this, to separate my personal journal from the layout related. The only way you can contact me there is if you're interested on being friends.
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